The Best Way to Store Your Flower

First things first. It’s important to note that, unfortunately, cannabis does not last forever—it’s perishable. And like any perishable item you’d pick up from the produce section, cannabis can go bad. (It’s a harvested crop, after all.) In fact, as soon as it’s harvested, its shelf-life clock starts ticking. These tips can help you maintain the quality and freshness of your cannabis flower:

  1. Use Airtight Containers: We often recommend using airtight containers, such as glass jars with rubber seals or specialized storage containers designed for cannabis. While a Mason jar is great for short-term storage, when it comes to light exposure, clear glass Mason jars fall short. Instead, look for a jar with blacked-out glass (this can be brown or green glass) to keep your cannabis from degrading in light. Plastic containers are a no-go. They can actually make cannabis buds sweat moisture, which means you’re risking mold and even ammoniated flavors.
  2. Choose the Right Size: Using a large container or jar to store a modest amount of marijuana is a rookie mistake. Even if your jar is airtight, too much extra space inside leaves room for air that can result in oxidation issues. That doesn’t mean cramming and crushing all your flower into a single jar, though. Leave a little room and aim to have your jars at least two-thirds full.  
  3. Control Humidity: Maintaining the right humidity level is crucial. Too much moisture can lead to mold, while too little can cause the cannabis to become dry and brittle. We recommend using humidity control packs, like Boveda packs, to regulate humidity levels within the storage container.
  4. Store in a Cool, Dark Place: Keep your cannabis in a cool, dark place, away from direct light and heat sources. Excessive heat and light can cause the degradation of cannabinoids and terpenes, affecting the potency and flavor of the product.
  5. Label Your Cannabis: To keep track of strains, purchase dates, and other important information, it’s a good idea to label your cannabis containers. We often provide this information on the packaging, but you can also use a label maker or write directly on the container.
  6. Avoid Plastic Bags: Plastic bags are not recommended for long-term storage because they can create static electricity and may not provide an airtight seal. Stick to glass or other airtight materials.
  7. Separate Strains: If you have multiple strains, it’s a good practice to store them separately. Different strains have unique flavors and aromas, and storing them together can lead to cross-contamination.
  8. Childproofing: If there are children in your household, ensure that your cannabis products are stored in child-resistant containers and placed out of their reach.
  9. Don’t Freeze Flower: Freezing flower can make trichomes brittle and lead to them breaking off, reducing the potency and quality of the product. It’s generally best to avoid freezing. However, concentrates and cannabis extractions are the exceptions. These cannabis products can be carefully stored in the freezer inside vacuum-sealed glass jars for long periods of time. 
  10. Regularly Inspect Your Stash: Periodically check your stored cannabis for any signs of mold, mildew, or degradation. If you notice any issues, remove the affected portion and adjust the storage conditions as needed.

Remember that cannabis storage recommendations may vary slightly from dispensary to dispensary, and it’s a good idea to ask your local budtender for specific advice, especially if they have unique products or recommendations. Additionally, always follow the laws and regulations regarding cannabis storage in your area.



The Best Way to Store Your Flower

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